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We received, what we would consider “normal”, call from a woman, Sheila*, looking for long-term treatment. We made an interesting discovery!

During the call, Sheila had no idea what the facility she was looking for was called. She only knew that it was in Toronto. The programs we listed were not what she wanted. We needed a little more information than a program in Toronto long term for women. There are so many!

Sheila resorted to calling back the friend who recommended the program. When Sheila called back she gave enough information to find the program she was looking for (which turned out to be the Tennant House in Brockville, Ontario). Before we ended our call, Sheila also asked for long-term co-ed programs.

Oddly enough as we combed the directory, we realized there was only one long-term co-ed program for adults in Ontario:

Brentwood Recovery Home in Windsor, ON (28-90days)

Almost all the other listed programs were gender-specific, long-term (90+ days) or short-term co-ed (18-35days). There were a handful of short-term gender separate programs as well.

If you operate a long-term co-ed treatment facility in Canada, contact us to be listed in our directory.

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  1. I would like more information and how if me and my boyfriend can get into the treatment facility together. A and.more questions ..

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